How to downgrade the iTunes 12.6 to version 12.5 on your Mac computer

If your Mac iTunes version is 12.6, TuneChef Plus for Mac program may fail to convert any iTunes m4v videos. Don’t worry, our developers are working hard to fix this problem. To fix this problem there are two ways to make TuneChef Plus for Mac work with iTunes 12.6, the following contents will show you how to downgrade Mac iTunes 12.6 to iTunes 12.5.

Step 1:
Please Clcik the Applications folder, you need to find the iTunes app file (/Applications/, then Right-click (or Control-click) on iTunes, select Get Info.


Step 2:
According to the nest steps in the following picture, this is necessary in order to make changes to the app’s permission settings.


Tips: This won’t affect your iTunes library files or your iTunes media,  the iTunes library files stored outside of the application file we deleted. This means that if you later reinstall iTunes, you can reoload your old iTunes library files.

Step 3:

Now you need to install the iTunes 12.5 on your Mac computer, You can download the previous iTunes 12.5 for Mac, you can google it or download it from  some software download sites, such as, then you can install the Mac iTunes 12.5 on you Mac easily.

Step 4:

The old version of  iTunes may not recognize your iTunes library in iTunes 12.6. You need to reload the iTunes library, you can follow the next steps to replace itunes library.


Go to your home directory > Music > iTunes and find the file named iTunes Library.itl. You can rename it  or just delete it. Then go to the folder of Previous iTunes Libraries in the same directory, and find the most recent iTunes Library.itl and copy the specific file to the iTunes folder by removing the date info from the file name.

Step 5:

Turn off the  automatic upgrade 


That’s all. Now you can rerun TuneChef Plus for Mac again on your Mac computer as smoothly as before.


If you don’t want to downgrade iTunes 12.6 to 12.5, you need to configure the SIP settings, please visit this link or you can try  TuneChef Plus on Windows Computer.

If not resolved your problem after trying above methods, please feel free to contact us via Email: