How to convert and copy iTunes M4V movies to Galaxy S5

How do I copy iTunes purchased m4v to Galaxy S5? Got the Samsung Galaxy S5 android, just want to play the iTunes purchases on Galaxy S5, please help, thank you and have a great day.

If you want to watch iTunes movies on Android, and have some music and movies purchased from iTunes store , if you want to transfer them to your Samsung Galaxy S5,  just keep on reading to find the solution.

However, the DRM-protected iTunes videos can only play on Apple devices and software. If we want to play the files on  Galaxy S5(also android tablets, Galaxy S5 mini, Galaxy S4, etc), we need to remove the DRM protection from iTunes media files first,  then you can transfer iTunes to Galaxy S5. To play DRM iTunes M4V video on Galaxy S5, you can use a DRM removal tool to get rid of iTunes DRM protection and then import the non-DRM files to Galaxy S5 for playback.

Free download iTunes to Galaxy S5 converter:

How to convert and transfer iTunes M4V to Galaxy S5

Step 1, Download and install the powerful DRM M4V converter –  TuneChef, free download here

Step 2, Run TuneChef, then load your iTunes M4V movies to main window, you can cilck Add Files to find the DRM M4V  files from hard disk


Step 3, Select the output format profile for converting M4V to Galaxy S5

Step 4, After conversion, you will get a mp4 video file, you can copy and transfer it to Galaxy S5 via USB.

Free download iTunes to Galaxy S5 converter: