Simple way to import DVD to iTunes with high quality – 30X faster!


I was wondering what is the easiest way to copy my personal DVD’s to my iTunes library so I can watch them on my iPad mini.

I have purchased a Media Converter but I am having a lot of trouble with it and it is painfully slow.

Any help would be appreciated.

You might have paid a good amount of money for your DVD collections and they can get be quite bulky.  It is time to  revisit the process of ripping your DVD collection into iTunes that you can get those movies from DVD to iTunes to sync with your iOS device, like an iPhone, iPad, Apple TV.  Ripping DVDs is not only easy, it can save a lot of money as you begin (or continue) to build your digital video library. Apple does not create software to allow you to copy DVD into iTunes directly. You need a DVD to iTunes Converter to to help you rip the DVDs to iTunes.


Software you need:

1. A computer (Windows or Mac)

2. DVD drive

3. DVDChef - support home made DVDs and protected DVD

Free Download Free Download

Quick Guide:

Fast rip DVD movies to iTunes format for playback

Step 1,  Run the DVD to iTunes Converter,  insert your DVD disc to DVD drive, then click the “Load DVD Driver” in the top menu “File”, or load DVD folder files by click “Load DVD Folder”.


Step 2, Choose the loading option of “Main movie” or “All movies”, for the main movie from DVD, please tick the “Main movie” option, if  want all the movies from a DVD,  please tick the “All Movies” to load all the video files from a DVD disc.


Step 3, Select MP4 as output video format , click and choose “Video” -> “MP4 Video”.




Before DVD conversion, you can set the output video settings,  like the video resolution, bit rate and video codec, if you want the high quality as the source DVD, use Keep Original of Resolution and Frame Rate, and 1500 kbps, use MPEG-4 codec or H.264 codec.

Step 4, Click the “Convert” button to convert DVD to iTunes format for playback.

It is easy, right? Download to have a try now!

Free Download Free Download

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